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For far too long- the media, education, music, and the arts have been under the thumb of one (((distinct collective)))- with a perverse, subversive, and degenerate agenda that seeks to undermine "/our people" - and our way of life.

Join us- as we take back control.

"Arise, Western Man!"


86 Dresden Release History



TEKNEIN: Reject Degeneracy (demo)

July 2020

A rough draft of what would later become TEKNEIN: Die Massen.  Notably, this release contains a track called "Headlines: July's" , which featured vocals.  This track was eventually replaced entirely on Die Massen with an alternate version titled,  "July's".  Only 20 copies of this demo were issued.

October 2020

TEKNEIN's first full length, 21 track studio album.  Released as a "Limited ETHereum Edition" promotional issue, of which only 1,488 copies were produced.  (100) copies had a unique sampling of track #15 ("Die Fahne hoch") which contained a key phrase to unlock .1488 ETHereum.


April 2021

TEKNEIN's 2nd official release: "Crush the Urbanites EP" features numerous collaborations, and stands out as some of their most epic and inspiring work to date!  Nas Waltz and Reichsretter are reimagined, while the raucous, yet hypnotic track: "Remove Them" accelerates both the EP.... and the cause! 0/


The next epic TEKNEIN installment: RaHoWa features an homage to Thomas Sewell and Commander GLR ("Remove Them / American Awakening"), as well as a live version of "Arise" (ft an intro from Paul Miller).  This is the third official TEKNEIN release in just 10 months time!



12" LP Vinyl Record released on the 1 year anniversary of TEKNEIN: Die Massen

The transparent, double-sided, lathe-cut LP is a "Best of" (mostly dance tracks) that features a Nas Waltz (Vinyl Texture) mix along with the new self-titled track: "The Vinyl Solution".

April 2022

The 2nd FULL length TEKNEIN album release since 2020; featuring all new tracks including the O/ (oh, slash) and "Dutchman" singles.


May 2022

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to 86 Dresden: IronMensch!

Their self-titled debut album is available NOW!

Check out their demo on

 Argent Beacon and a preview on YouTube!

July 2022

A hypnotic, electronic adventure: Unstoppable Triumph is a timely follow-up to their self-titled debut album!


October 2022

An electronic Christian industrial concept album, the Manifest Destiny EP official release is Oct 4 2022 (pre-orders will start in late June).


OCT 2022

The Texas metal trio: "Sacred Actions" is coming to 86 Dresden!  (More details this August!)